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Smith Equities Financing

Smith Equities Student Housing & Mortgage Brokerage

As the ad says "Let the banks compete for your business".

That's what we have been doing for our customers since 1997 when Smith Equities Corporation (SEC) started its commercial mortgage brokerage department. Treasury rates, which are the basis for interest rates, fluctuate according to market pressures. Spreads vary from lender to lender and our mortgage professionals can help you navigate the system to get the best deal.

Spreads depend on the leverage wanted by the borrower: smaller spread for a low LTV loan and a higher spread for a high LTV. Some lenders lend at par and some want 1/2 point to 1 point for their money. As brokers, we also charge a fee. We promise you that Smith Equities will charge less than other mortgage brokers and will give a higher level of personal service. In the end we will earn our fee and you will be satisfied with the loan you receive.

What do our services include?
  1. Based on the offers SEC receives from Lenders, you will be able to determine which loan is best for you. Both you and SEC will evaluate each proposal. You will make the decision.
  2. We will market your loan to a list of qualified lenders that are actively in the market for the type of loan you need, whether it be a LTV, cash flow loan, an acquisiton/rehab loan or a construction loan.
  3. Will the length of the proposed loans meet your needs? In other words, do you want the security of a long term loan? Or do you want the flexibility of a shorter term loan where the property can be sold without a large prepayment penalty going to the lender?
  4. In some cases we can recommend an appraiser who knows the market well and can give a fair, reasonable evaluation of the real market value "as is" and "as it will be" after renovation.
  5. For converters of rental to condominium we are still working with one or two lenders who will lend on qualified properties, i.e. location must be very good and the sales prices must be in line with the market.

There is a lot of trust that goes into the lending business and we will earn that trust. We "build a portfolio of trust, one property at a time".

Call us at 407-422-0704 or email us for an appointment to discuss your Student Housing and borrowing needs.

Paul M. Guyet, Phone ext. 105
BTW We Know Student Housing Better that Anyone!

All information contained herein was obtained from sources deemed reliable, but no representation is made as to the accuracy thereof and is submitted subject to prior sale, change of price/terms, or withdrawal without notice. Submission is also subject to errors and omissions. Duplication of this material is not authorized without written consent of Smith Equities Corporation. This information is being transmitted with the understanding that you are acting as a principal. Real Estate commissions can only be paid to licensed real estate brokers who have a separate written agreement with Smith Equities Corporation.